How is your office's fee determined?

Our remuneration depends on the nature of the case and is determined upon agreement with the client. It can be agreed either on a flat fee or linked to the result, so it is set at a success fee percentage which is paid only if the case is positive for the client. In any case, charges are known and agreed before handling the case.

How could I get an evaluation of my case before I assign it to you and what is its cost?

Evaluation of the case can only be made after personal communication and meeting and provided that we have all the documents related to it. Once we receive a mandate to handle your case, the cost of the evaluation is deducted from the agreed fee.

How are court or extra-judicial costs determined?

The cost of handling the case is borne by the customer. We inform you on the amount of these costs before they arise.

Another lawyer or law firm was handling my case. Would take it over?

As required by the Code of Conduct, since another colleague was handling your case, you need to receive a statement from him that he is delivering the full file of the case and that has no financial claim against you for handling your case in order for us to take over the case.

Can my case be resolved out of court?

Yes, there are alternative ways to resolve disputes, such as Mediation, Arbitration, and Settlement of the Dispute. Our experience in out-of-court dispute resolution shall ensure the fastest and most economical way to resolve the dispute.

How long does the judicial pursuit of a claim last?

The answer to the question depends on the type of the case.
Generally, administrative and criminal cases, with the exception of offenders caught in the act, are subject to a lengthy resolution process.
For civil disputes, in some cases new laws provide short time for litigation and decision-issuing, at least as regards the first level of jurisdiction.

What is Law 3869/2010 (indebted households)? Who can qualify?

Law 3869/2010, known as the Katselis law, allows natural persons and a group of self-employed persons who, without fraudulent intent, have been permanently unable to pay their overdue debts, to regulate or exempt the whole or part of them.

What are the perquisites in order to apply for judicial protection under the Law 3869/2010 (indebted households)?

You should be unable to meet all your overdue debts, not just your debt obligations to financial institutions (banks), and not have the commercial status at the time the application is made, although, under conditions, there is room for small traders to join. In order to rescue your main residence, a series of conditions must be met. We have experience in dealing with such cases since the beginning of the law and may direct you to reduce your debts or to save your main residence.

What is the process in order to apply for the Law 3869/2010 (indebted households)?

A) Submission of request to creditors for debt statements; upon request of the debtor creditors are obliged, to provide a detailed statement of their debts by principal, interest, expenses, etc.
B) Submission of an application to the competent court.

I am a long-term unemployed and / or have serious health problems in the family, how will I benefit from Law 3869/2010 (indebted households)?

In the case of long-term unemployed debtors or serious health problems, insufficient income to cover basic subsistence needs or other exceptional cases, the Court may decide on monthly payments of small amounts or even zero.

Can the debtor's main residence be protected?

Under certain conditions, we have the experience to assume the protection of the main residence on the basis of the provisions of Law 3869/2010.

If I do not qualify to apply to Law 3869/2010 (indebted households), can I settle my loan obligations?

The Code of Ethics for Banking Institutions, which applies to all credit institutions based in Greece, as well as branches of foreign banks established in Greece, lays down regulatory possibilities for borrowers whether natural persons or businesses.

I am an employee and my employer owes me leaves and / or salaries, what can I do?

You can claim your lawfully rights both judicially and out of court. Our office can provide you with a personalized solution to your problem.

I am a trader and someone owes me money through a check or invoices, what can I do?

Depending on how the debt arises, there is the possibility of addressing to Courts. Similarly, there is the possibility of making an application to Court or proceeding to a payment order. We shall claim the debts by adopting the most appropriate means.

I intent to buy a property, what do I need?

First of all, it is advisable for your own protection to assign to a lawyer the review of the acquisition titles from the Mortgage Registry or Land Register (if any). As for the documents you will need, these will be determined by the notary who will undertake the drafting of the contract and vary by case. In any case, the previous acquisition titles are necessary.

I lease a property and the tenant owes me rents, what can I do?

The possibilities offered to you vary between claiming rents proceeding to an eviction. Depending on what you want to do, we’ll let you know the appropriate process to be followed.

How can I schedule an appointment?

Call us on the phone or send us an email. Set up a meeting with us and bring all the critical documents in order to get complete answers and solutions to the legal issues that worry you.